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I wrote about the shocking research of Dr. Noack and his very questionable demise after exposing the truth about Graphene Hydroxide and how just hours after publishing this work, the Powers That Be decided that he hit the mark so hard by uncovering their plans, that they had to take him out.

In this installment of the Stew Peters Show, Stew covers how the left can’t admit that their precious vaccines have failed, so they’re tripling down and becoming more obsessed than ever with more shots in more arms. If a third dose doesn’t cut it, they’ll start mandating four.

Dr. Ariyana Love of Finland has been one of our leading guests on the question of whether graphene oxide is in these vaccines.

She recently shared some upsetting news with us: Dr. Andreas Noack, the German doctor who claims to have found microscopic nano-razors within a vaccine sample, has died, just days after his most recent findings. Dr. Ariyana Love joins him.

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