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We are in the midst of the elite’s reckoning and the clock is ticking away against them. Throughout this video, all the puzzle pieces come together to form the picture of justice. 

These events can all be explained by Simon, Judy, and Michael’s analysis. 

It is extremely important that you watch this video!

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jaco: The Big Military, Judy Byington, Simon Parkes

  1. Could you PLEASE add the closed-captionining to your videos??? I am deaf and It is hard to understand what your saying. If this was so extremely important, you will find ways to make sure the deaf hear the message.

    1. Hi Karen, the new video sites don’t seem to offer the CC option. I did write to them (Bitchute and Rumble)to see if they can make that available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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