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In this stunning video, evidence is presented that further shows what Graphene Oxide really is and what it does to the human body. La Quinta Columna shared a 25-minute video on the contents of Pfizer’s vaccine as seen under optical microscopy. The optical analysis has a special focus on the nanotechnology discovered thanks to analyses carried out by Dr. Pablo Campra. Below, Orwell City brings the video together with the comments made by the Spanish research team.

The images are mindblowing.

Ricardo Delgado: We’re going to see the content, what’s inside the Pfizer vaccine, and we’re going to comment on it. Well, you’re looking at the edge of the droplet. Everything in the lighter area is what’s inside the droplet. That’s the smallest magnification. I’m going to put it on full screen.

Typical, see? That formation is typical. Remember the characteristic shape that graphene has. It forms these folds. And, overall, it folds in on itself at the edges. It usually folds in on itself. We’re not only going to see graphene but also, as I say, some kind of very artificial structures.

This is also quite reminiscent of these kinds of structures that are pulled upstream, let’s say, by certain particles that showed up a lot in the images of another Pfizer vaccine that Dr. Campra analyzed.

Now, here we see this at about 100 magnification. No more than that. 100 to 200 magnification. Notice that formation down here. That shape is very characteristic as well. As if they were in L. Well, from now on, you start to see more images…

That shape is very characteristic of the trendy material, too. Another quadrangular structure also appears here. There. I’m going to put it on full screen. It’s a filament that is dragged by a “little dot.” Here we see another one in the shape of a key. This here is… I’ll make a pause here.

This is the famous “nano-octopus” that also appeared in the Pfizer vaccine vial that Dr. Campra analyzed. It also appeared in Dr. Carrie Madej’s video. And it was what was also found by the Polish scientist whose name I can’t remember right now. Well, let’s continue. Here we see it in a dark field. But look at its termination. It looks like an insect. It looks like an insect because of its leg-like shape.

Notice how that structure below is going upwards. I’m going to make a short pause. One thing I want to comment on is that, as the sample evolved, it was all… In fact, the samples are preserved, and I’m looking forward to looking at them again because it’s like there’s an evolution. It’s as if whatever it is that we see is really self-assembling and assembling, as I say, more and more complex structures.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, very interesting.

Ricardo Delgado: There were various reliefs. That is, different levels within that hydrogel which is the one that is also being investigated. Therefore, when I played with the orientation, I could see what was at the bottom, which used to be graphene. And more for the surface, you could see this kind of structure floating. Look at this one. That kind of formation, according to what’s in the scientific literature, corresponds to nano-antennas. That’s to say, that little stick upwards would be, well, transmitting and receiving antenna. Probably, it is the inductor of the famous MAC address signals that appear with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Ricardo Delgado: It’s like a mini screw. This is nanotechnology for sure. Well, I’ve left the video recording with some exposure because I was waiting for the structure to flip over. This is because, from the other side, it looked like it was emitting some kind of fluorescence. Some kind of luminescence. I also plan to try and expose this sample to cell phone radiation, for example. And to heat, as well. Everything you guys are suggesting in the chat.

This, obviously, is of artificial origin. And the fact that this is in the vaccine is crazy. It’s crazy. See, there it seems to flip. I also want to subject them to ultraviolet radiation. This image is quite neat. Look at that one too. How neat it is! You can even see what is dragging it.

Look at that one. Look, that one looks like it was doped with something. And it carries another similar thing to it too. Look at that.

That has a book-like appearance. It looks exactly like a book. And notice that it has a relief on the straight edges, entirely rectilinear. Or this one, for example. There’re no biological structures of this type that correspond to such a quadrangular origin, as far as I know…

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