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The term “Brain Dead” is a term that is usually used for when people watch TV and the effects of it shut down the frontal lobe of your brain putting it into alpha mode causing one to be more susceptible to fake news and lies which ends up damaging ones thought process.

Hypnosis is a real, teachable skill, and it’s used against you everyday to influence your life and manipulate your behavior.

Dark Psychology tactics are used by people around us every day to manipulate, coerce, and influence us to get what they want.

Destructive influencers are using the internet to deceptively recruit people using deception, manipulation, hypnotic and subliminal programming and more. Is Technology Controlling Your Mind?

The primary medium for blasting non-stop cable news into your brain is TV. Television itself is well-known to rapidly induce alpha brain wave states in the viewer, bringing them into a hypnotic trance automatically, typically affecting the function of the frontal lobe within an astonishing 90 seconds, and bypassing critical thinking.

“If you’ve ever experienced a mind fog after watching television, you’re not alone. The brain has four modes that it operates in, and four brain wave patterns. Delta is when you’re deep asleep, Theta is when you’re in light sleep, Alpha is awake but relaxed, it’s the mode of thinking that you are in when you’re in the most heightened state of suggestibility, and then there’s Beta, the highest functioning mode like when you’re reading a book or you’re having a very stimulating conversation.” ~Pseudology: The Art of Lying

Furthermore, the graphic design elements commonly used in news presentations serves the purpose of capturing one’s full attention and jarring the nervous system into an overloaded state. Think about the various moving parts and messages the screen at any given moment during a regular broadcast.

While the anchor is speaking about one thing, you’ll see side-scrolling text at the bottom talking about an entirely different issue, with evolving background graphics, typically emphasizing the colors red and blue, which are subconsciously regarded as the colors of authority and trust.

Also, they commonly use swirling spheres and circles, graphics are used much in the same way that hypnotist uses a watch or a pen as a point of eye fixation to capture the full attention of the viewer.

Finally there is the detail of suggesting and commanding the viewer to believe or to do certain things. In hypnosis, when the critical factor is bypassed, it allows access to the subconscious mind where what are known as ‘pillars of belief’ are implanted.

Below the rational, critical thinking part of the mind is a deep sea of beliefs which govern most behavior. Once a subject is in an induced trance, the news repeats ideas, suggestions and beliefs, ad nauseam until the viewer basically becomes a parrot and information repeater. You see these people everywhere today. Turn off your TV, get out of your city and spend time in the woods along with birds. Listen to them instead of listening to the corrupt politicians and TV doctors.

It is of critical importance to recognize that the world has been deliberately lulled into a hypnotic state and fed beliefs and ideas about how things should be or how we should address crisis.

If you understand what is happening, and if you understand how all of this plays a role in shaping your own life, beliefs, and behaviors, you’r better equipped to take back control of your life.

2020 was the year of figuring things out. We tried to understand what was going on in the world. Today, in the midst of 2021, it is quite obvious that the world was deliberately driven into madness with a specific purpose; to instill terror in order to advance a sinister political agenda to enslave and eventually destroy the human race.

As this freak show is going into full swing, Big Pharma, Big Government’s ugly sister, has seized the opportunity to use the current crises for even greater personal gain, even though at the cost of people’s lives. While people are fighting one another and arguing which skin color matters more, for those pulling the strings no life matters at all. For them, we are customers who no longer have to be persuaded to buy their products, rather, forced. This cynical approach is now in the open, no one is even hiding it anymore.

Why bother when politicians are bought and paid for? The court system is corrupt and regulators are in the same pocket? Who can challenge the evil Hydra? Being drunk on power, they just don’t care anymore. But that is the great delusion. True power always resides in people. Although in a latent form, it is like a volcano that can erupt at any time. When people are united in noncompliance, no force can stop the pushback.

They can’t arrest or kill us all. This is why the minds are kept captured and bodies poisoned, to prevent the uprising. A biochemical and electromagnetic assault that humanity is undergoing gives only partial results. There are those who are easily brainwashed and believe everything their government is telling them.

The criminals are now out in the open making constant appearance on TV. New World Order has been announced and imposed on humanity in March 16th of 2020. We are living its second year since its official formation and decades of preparation.

Most certainly, no one likes it. How can one like to be a prisoner unless one is suffering from Stockholm syndrome? We are living in times of great confusion and mass psychosis. And the worse part of it is that mental illness is no longer an exception from the rules but actually has become the rule. Normalized and culturally accepted, like alcohol, it is seen anywhere you look.

Mad people appear on TV to tell the sane and law-abiding citizens how to live their lives. Schizophrenia has been widely spread like a virus.

The rise of mental illness broke all records in history. We have entered an era of inverted reality, where bad considered to be good and good is considered to be bad. People who should be locked up in mental asylum and prisons for committing crimes against humanity are making global health policies and dictate to the rest of the world how they should be living their lives.

How this became possible literally overnight?

It happened because people have chosen apathy over engagement, mind laziness over critical thinking, and conformity over the questioning. 9/11 was a waking call for me.

After looking quietly deeply into the subject of the New World Order, I came to a conclusion that if the powers that shouldn’t be could bring about such a horrifying event in order to promote the New World Order, they will stop at nothing and the sky is the limits to what they can do. And quite frankly, the evil they brought about 20 years later, a.k.a. COVID 19, is thousands of times bigger and possibly millions in a long run.

All are run by the same death cult that is using different faces. These people have a tremendous amount of money that buys power and control. But the problem with it is that is the house of cards built on a shaky foundation. Corrupt and compromised they are living in fear.

Deep down, they are scared of humanity’s awakening to their crimes against them. They are scared of the truth that is bulletproof.

They are scared of people coming together to fight for their freedom and their right to live on this planet, a planet that the ultra-rich want for themselves.

So, the question remains, how to survive and move through mass psychosis?

I will offer my answer in a moment. I only want you to understand that you are being led to a psychotic breakdown that will happen at some point if you don’t protect your mind. It’s only a matter of when not if. Sustained psychological torture, under which we have all been living for the past 21 months, it’s a psychospiritual poison that is designed to infect and rote your mental structure, and finally your spirit, while breaking the inner resistance to it. It’s the same tactics that are being used in prisons, to encourage obedience.

Perhaps a conversation for another time. A systematic imposture of terror and fear is designed to destroy your spirit, and what are you without it? A walking vegetable.

Furthermore Is Technology Controlling Your Mind?

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