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So, billions have lined up to take the multiple jabs, unaware that they were being injected with a highly advanced BIO-WEAPON, yes it’s a bio-weapon, some big names out there are saying it isn’t, well, there are qualified people in this video who claim that they are, and that vaccines can be weaponized, I’ll take that over the “opinion” of a Jesuit shill any day!

The scary thing is, what exactly have those jabs been programmed to do, they can cause blood clots, cancers and many other serious and deadly health issues, however, the fact that they cut out, replace and are designed to re-programme human DNA still leaves many questions unanswered.

We know that the fake CV19 virus is a smokescreen to panic the world into taking the jabs, also that the Chinese Communist Party own the patent for the genetic sequence that is being injected into the western world, BUT, what exactly have the Chinese Communist Party programmed those genetic sequences to do? Just think about that, are the Chinese AI created CV19 genetic sequences a Communist Trojan horse?

It has been injected into billions worldwide and there’s no way of getting it out, so for now it’s a waiting game and they haven’t activated the 5G grid yet, when that happens, it’s gonna be a whole different ball game!

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