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Many of us have parted ways with friends – or so we thought they were – of long-standing over the “masking” ritual that became the overt symbol of the weaponized hypochondriac last year and ongoing. Those of us who understood that it wasn’t “just a mask” but visual-physical affirmation of a lie – or a symbol of craven willingness to pretend to believe it – found it difficult to continue to pretend to be friends with people who believed it –  or submitted to it.

And expected us to play along, too.

We didn’t, many of us, because we knew that “masking” – if accepted – would lead to Jabbing. And so it has.

God-damn it.

We told you so.

The damage done to the bonds of affection and what used to be plain old goodwill and civility has been catastrophic.

It is now getting worse.

I will relate a personal story about two people known to me. I will not say who they are because that is not necessary to convey the awfulness of what the pressure to submit to the Jab has done to them. Leaving aside what the Jab itself may do to them.

It is a story many of us already know. Many more will come to know it.

Perhaps by living it.

A guy I know had a girlfriend of long-standing. He no longer has a girlfriend because she has chosen to submit to the Jab as the price of keeping her job. The guy doesn’t take issue with the woman’s right to do as she wishes with her body. He is simply unnerved by her willingness to give over her body for the sake of a paycheck. Will she also give over her children?

Pressure him, to give over his?

He won’t. How does one continue in a relationship, given that? A house half-Jabbed cannot stand.

Probably, the parting of ways was ultimately a good thing for the guy. Of course, he is crushed by sadness for the moment and probably for some time to come. But once the sadness passes, he will realize just how close a shave he had with something even worse than the Jab:

Someone who folds over a buck. Over a job.

Yes, of course. It is important to be able to provide – and a job is a means toward that end. It is not the only means toward that end. And this is not the only “ask” that the job will demand. It is the beginning of the next.

And the next one, after that.

There are other jobs, maybe not ideal – perhaps not as remunerative. But if we are talking about money and status as the imperative metrics then we are probably talking about someone you might want to think twice about hitching your wagon to.

The really sad thing, as regards this guy, is that had his girl stood tall, she would have grown taller in is eyes. She might not even have lost her job over the Jab. They might have blinked. As many retailers did over the “masks.” I know – having never worn one, even once. Courage can be contagious. And – damn it – how much courage does it take to just say no

It is not standing up to a rolling tank – or even a gun in your face. Not yet. But that is coming, if people stop saying yes . . . because of a job.

We’ll never know whether the employer of my guy’s gal would have blinked because she didn’t try refusing. She just went along with it. The same counsel once given to rape victims. Might as well relax and enjoy it. That appalled people, once. Now, people do just that.

Relax. This won’t hurt a bit. The prick you feel is just the dying sensation of your self respect.

You may not enjoy it. So long as you let it.

Which is exactly what all of this has been all about from the start.

Roll over,  doggie! Sit! Speak! Good boy!

Only without the owner’s benevolence – and with a “doggie” that was once a human being.

Had my guy’s gal stood tall – or even tried to – my guy would have known she was a person worth hitching his wagon to. He just might have so suggested. Which would have combined the two into a more powerful one, far more able to withstand the pressure being applied by these creatures who are trying to turn us into good doggies – using the threat of job loss and income loss rather than a Milk Bone.

Which – again – is all this about.

Note that the weirdly whispering hair-plugged old man who currently serves as the TelePrompted talking dummy for the creatures using “health” to impose tyranny has just announced that enforcement of his Jab Decree will not begin until after the holidays, in early January of 2022.

If people are dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying on account of not enough Jabbing then why, pray, the delay? Does this make sense, if the reason for it all is health? How many people will needlessly dieeeeeeeee – if the logic of the thing has any logic – by waiting another two months to enforce the supposedly critically necessary palliative measures?

Obviously, it is because they are not palliative. But it is effective.

Symbolic – like the “masks” which people wear under their noses, poorly fitted, made of material that indisputably does not – cannot – filter out viral particles. It never mattered what type of “mask” you wore; just that you wore one.

Think about that.

The thought that ought to have occurred to more people who chose to wear these training devices is that they were precisely that. Had enough people categorically refused to wear one – because they categorically refuse to be part of a lie – it is very likely very few people would be faced with being turned into good doggies.

Losing their relationships – over jobs – on account of Jabs.

Possibly, losing more more – as tens of thousands already have.

Was it worth it?    

In one way, it was. We know now who’s who.

I am not currently single, thankfully. I was fortunate to have met a woman who is not a good doggie; who will not give over her body for a dollar. She is the kind of woman I would happily hitch my wagon to.

I hope the guy I know finds one like her.

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