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Even though the following video is over 4 years old, it shows how no one was paying attention.

We didn’t know what Graphene Oxide was then…but now we do.

They knew what they were doing.

They must tell you…and they did.

It is the main ingredient in the jabs they want you to take so bad. (oh…and it’s free)

They are putting it in everything now and it gets in your system by touching it or eating it.

So they told us. And now I will show you. Here in this video it may go over your head a bit…but you can grasp the gist of it.

Terms like intelligent response…toxic…nano…cellular. It is clear what they intended to do with this stuff long before we ever dreamed they would do such a thing.

So now you know. You were told 4 years ago so it’s your fault you didn’t see it sooner. (is how they look at it)

Ever hear this? “Ask your doctor if this is right for you?” (don’t trust a doctor)

Now do your homework and watch this 20 min video. No big deal…just your life on the line. But they told you 4 years ago.

Dec 7, 2016

Cellular Responses to Graphene Oxide Sheets: Effect of Lateral Dimension and the Oxidative Stress Paradigm

Dr. Sandra Vranic, Nanomedicine Lab, Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences & National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester, Manchester (UK)

19 Graphene in Nanomedicine and Nanotoxicology
CLINAM 2016 – day 2
Hall Singapore

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