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Scott and John are back at it and this time they are exposing the communist takeover of our country! We are in a midst of a Cabal Communist Takeover. It is quietly happening right now and 99% in America have NO freaking clue.

Black Lives Matter was created by the Chinese Communist Party – the CCP. Our Government has been taken over and is corrupt.

It is up to US at a Local Level to begin to take back control. The problem is that everyone is believing the Federal Level and taking their word. We need to wake up and realize that this PLAN has taken Multiple Decades to put their people in place so they could create this Massive Illusion.

They would love to put Sharia Law which is the Muslims declaring WAR on Non-Muslims. Many have NO clue what this means, but that IS what it means.Our Leaders are under the influence of Mass Disinformation.

The Decline of America began with HW Bush as he flat out told Reagan “When I become President I am going to Destroy America.” Well, we didn’t know it at the time, but his NWO plan was put in place and now America is being destroyed and most of us have this apathetic sentiment of disbelief and it can’t be happening so they jump on the mainstream narrative and work them, all while unknowingly taking a self destructive stand.

Our Universities are under the influence of all of this bullshit. It’s called, put the dumbest, the easily corruptible people and those who take orders at the highest levels so the plan can be implemented. Our former FBI Director, James Comey admitted to being a communist. Our CIA Director Brennan, is a communist. General Milley, is a communist. They were appointed to top positions because they believed in Communism.

Our republic is intentionally being destroyed. Once again, to take back our Country it starts at the Local Level. Because although they do have their ideals established at these levels, for the most part that is where they have the least power.

This Vaccine Deal – 100% from the CCP of China. BOTH Republican and Democratic Parties have been infiltrated and cannot be trusted. They are two wings on the SAME plane.

Universities have been infiltrated. They place their CCP leaders at the top and they convince the remaining SHEEP to go along with bullshit, like mandatory Vaccinations and Mandatory masks.

Our Medical System – 100% under Communist Control from the WHO, CDC, NIH and FDA. How can one trust these Vaccines knowing this??

Biden – 100% a pure puppet of the CCP of China.

Most of ALL — The Mainstream is doing the main work for the NWO — CCP of China.

They are the ones pushing the Narrative of Deceptions and Illusions that this Coronavirus is the culprit when in fact it is the Vaccines that are the weapon that will cause SHEDDING and that will infect the Unvaccinated. Don’t worry, they place timebombs in those Vaccinations for the Vaccinated and they will have their own demise down the road.

Time to Wake up and Wake up Right NOW! We have NO Saviors coming to rescue us. WE the people have to realize the Leadership that is Within us all!

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