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CIRSTEN W. (WELDON) HAS PASSED HERE ARE DETAILS FROM SCOTT MCKAY DAVID NINO RIDRIGUEZ MICHAEL JACO “My friends this is an official message. Many of you know that Cirsten W has been hospitalized in Camarillo California hospital since December 30.

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I just got news tonight that she passed away today. Our intervention came a little bit too late in one sense but it might’ve been inevitable in another.

Scott McKay has arranged for an attorney and another medical professional to visit her today to get eyes on here ICU to see what I was dealing with to decide what I needed to do to get power of attorney and intervene in her case.

I cannot name either for their own protection but I can tell you this, Cirsten responded to my text at 4:38 AM. Shortly there after one of the nurses had informed Suzie Wong that Cirsten was terminal.

I believe that is a lie because if she was terminal she would not have been able to text me at 4:38 AM this morning. The text was incomplete so apparently she was struggling to finish the text.”

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