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The people have been facing trials and tribulations since the Biden administration was sworn in.. The prices of food, gas, and everything else has skyrocketed and many are having problems making ends meet.

According to MAORI MORPHEUS Trump will be President again, and there will be no Deep State traitors in his next Administration.

LAW OF WAR: The Laws to wage war lawfully … You must watch this segment as it lays out what is about to occur militarily and who the targets in society will be like The Fake Media, Education Dept and a multitude of US Govt Depts and beyond!

The CIA’s “Republican faction” got Trump to appoint Deep State CIA officer Christopher Wray as FBI Director to prevent an investigation of the election fraud. Wray is now Biden’s FBI Director.

They also got Trump to appoint Mike Pompeo to be CIA Director, but Pompeo had been violating the Constitution for six years when Trump chose him to be CIA Director. The “Commission on CIA Activities Within the United States” stated that “a distinct feature of the CIA is the absence of ‘outsiders’ in top-level management.”

In any other United States “executive agency,” the “chief officer” and “top-level assistants” are “appointed from the outside,” but “no such infusion occurs in the CIA.”

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2.5 Hour Q Documentary. The Law of War. The Act of 1871. The Vatican, London & Washington DC


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