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Spotted Tail brought one of his relatives, Black Shawl to help him heal. She was known to be a good healer. She feed him soup through a hollowed willow stick resembling a thick straw because he could not open his mouth wide enough to drink the soup as he normally did.

She also applied bear grease to his wound to keep it from being infected. The wound finally healed in a star shaped scar.

The time she spent caring for him touched him deeply. He saw that she was very unselfish and fell in love with her. He appreciated the fact that even though he had an ugly scar she still saw him with her heart. He stayed with her the rest of his life.

This story and many others are found in our book about our oral history called “Crazy Horse the Lakota Warrior’s Life and Legacy” that can be found on our site reelcontact.com. You may share this story if you so chose.


Stories Contributed by N. Morgan

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