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Sometimes called the “Apache Joan of Arc,” Lozen was the sister of a prominent chief and member of the #Chiricahua#Apaches. Instead of sticking to traditional female roles at the time, she became a medicine woman and used her strategic thinking to help her people fight against the U.S. government.

⁠⁠In 1877, Lozen and her people left their deplorable living conditions at the San Carlos Reservation, also called “Hell’s Forty Acres.” In the few years after they left, they lost almost half of their people due to raids from the American military. However, Lozen did not give up.⁠⁠

She spent six years fighting against the U.S. government alongside famed Apache leader Geronimo until he surrendered in 1885. While imprisoned in Alabama, Lozen died of tuberculosis, but the stories of her bravery and cunning live on.⁠⁠

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