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Evidence is mounting by the day, which shows that every make of COVID-19 jab is packed with carbon nanotubes and associated self assembling intra body nano network technology.

In today’s show they present evidence from many independent studies, produced in several different countries, which have carefully examined the contents of the so called vaccines.

From this evidence, we are confident that the jabs main purpose is not a vaccine. It’s quite difficult to explain the evidence to a lay person, because most people are not familiar with recent advances in intra body nano technology.

In this video, they explain several of the major developments within nano technology, and describe the characteristics of various components that are now in use or have been developed.

They then show that these components can be identified within the ‘vaccines’ across all the manufacturers.

We need to move quickly to get this evidence to the public and to police forces, so that the vaccine centers can be closed down and quarantined, and the perpetrators arrested and sentenced with assault and grievous bodily harm with intent.

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