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Many are getting the vax and are dropping dead or becoming very ill. In this video, Dr. Northrup discusses the detox protocol to rid the body of the poisonous toxins from the vaccines.I’m just presenting this info because I know many are still unaware of the danger that we are in.

Corona is defined as the radiant crown around the sun which is literally the origin of radiation and virus in Latin means poison so coronavirus=radiation poison.

That explains why they are putting a superconductor (graphene) in everything from the Fauci to the meat and cereal in the grocery store the masks, and who knows what else. They do this because it makes us susceptible to their EMF radiation poison and control. 

So this heavy metal nano-particle detox is an essential protocol for EVERYBODY to minimize the amount of this nano inside us all because ALL of us are full of this crap and we’re under attack from every direction. I hope this helps anyone not aware.

I myself have been exposed to the toxins via a family member and I’ve been experiencing very unpleasant symptoms just by second hand exposure.

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