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Here’s another testimony to the dangers of these vaccines that the government is trying to force everyone to get. 23-year-old Delilah Belle, the daughter of Hollywood actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin told her 1.6 million Instagram followers that she’s been going through a litany of medical issues over the past year after getting the poison shots.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, opened up about her health issues in an Instagram video shared on November 2, 2021.

The 23-year-old shared that she’s been going through an absolute nightmare in regard to her health. “This is going to be heavy,” she said in the video.

“This is scary to do because I was actually asked not to tell my story by someone close to me,” Delilah explained. She went on to explain that she started having panic attacks, and some severe inflammatory issues earlier in the year. At one point in time, Delilah said that she accidentally overdosed when taking propranolol and Benadryl.

Following a flight on March 16, 2021, Delilah recalls having a severe panic attack.

“I probably had never felt something like this before. It was pretty alarming. I was all alone. I didn’t want to call my parents. Didn’t want to call my friends, because I was embarrassed. I knew my parents wouldn’t drive down to my house. So, I called my housekeeper, actually, and she came and stayed with me and helped me,” Delilah revealed.

From there, Delilah says that she had an autoimmune response in her body that she believes were caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. “This is just hard to talk about, because I’m not supposed to talk about it on here,” Delilah said.

Delilah “started getting really sick,” and was having flu-like symptoms and panic attacks. She started going to several different specialists. She was diagnosed with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections, commonly referred to as PANDAS. This is something that affected Delilah when she was young, but she has been showing symptoms of the condition as an adult — and, according to WebMD, this is indeed possible.

Delilah revealed that her panic attacks developed into OCD, and a fear of vomit that she developed as a child turned into a fear of contamination, so she will no longer eat meat.

Additionally, Delilah has Epstein-Barr (human herpesvirus 4). The symptoms include fatigue, fever, and inflamed throat, according to the CDC. A flare up made her terribly sick.

Delilah was having awful migraines, and was diagnosed with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). She was then diagnosed with “five different tick-born illnesses” in June or July of 2021.

She revealed that she’s been taking supplements, she’s completely changed her diet, she’s been on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and, later propranolol and Xanax for her panic attacks.

Delilah said that her doctor prescribed her 20mgs of propranolol three times per day, plus 3mgs of Xanax per day, and she became dependent on the latter. One day, she took Benadryl to propranolol, and ended up in the hospital.

“I overdosed,” she said. “I didn’t mean to. At all,” she said. “For some reason, I ended up in the hospital,” she added.

After she was discharged, she flew to Portugal for a modeling job. “My mom always taught me, like, even if you’re dying, be professional. Do the job,” she said. Her panic attacks were intensifying, and she couldn’t get any relief.

And then, she was diagnosed with Encephalitis. At a point when she was feeling hopeless, Delilah checked herself into a treatment facility that she says she paid for herself. 

“We found this beautiful place in Arizona,” Delilah said.

In answering some of the questions at the end of the video, Delilah was asked why she was told not to talk about the issues. 

“I’m sure you can figure out why I was not told to talk about this,” Delilah said.

Delilah’s mom has taken to Instagram to share some posts about PANDAS and to thank the public for their support following her daughter’s video. “Thank you to all of the angels who have reached out, sharing their stories, sending their love and prayers, we are so grateful to you for your help and guidance!!” she wrote in a post on her Instagram Stories on November 3, 2021.

“We are forever grateful. Thank you,” Rinna added.

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