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In this latest article, Jim says he may have found a way to killlll cancers. The profiteers in “conventional medicine” won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. This site, jimstone.is is taking 100 percent credit for this medical discovery. It is definitely the beginning of a new era of alt cancer treatments that cannot be shut down. This was posted on December 22 2021 and is the result of me looking for answers after Claudia’s positive biopsy.

This cure is based on solid government records, not unicorns and metal flakes!!! I know that’s a bold statement, but wait until you read this. This post absolutely will begin an entirely new sector of alt medical care.

Here it is:

The first document is Apoptosis: A target for anticancer therapy.

Read it over clearly and if you can’t understand the terms, look them up and re-read until this makes sense.

Now take a look at this next document and add 2+2. It does not mention cancer, but what it adds up to is quite obvious.

The use of magnetic fields in treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

HERE IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE TWO: In the arthritis document, there is the following quote. It IS THE CONNECTION. In this quote, the key word is Apoptosis. Magnetic therapy forces weakened cells to enter that metabolic mode which triggers cell death, which is 100 percent lethal to cancer. It will be important to use magnets that are the right type to send a field through the cancer tumors. The magnets need to be large in physical size, and thick. Size and thickness are what causes a magnet to actually project it’s field . Anyway, here is the key quote from the first document:

“The MF causes movement of the ions within the cell, which results in hyperpolarization of the cell membrane. This affects the acceleration of metabolism, especially stimulating the energy processes and increasing the use of oxygen by the cell [6, 10, 11]. Such changes are a stimulant to proliferation or apoptosis processes [12]. The MF has a beneficial effect on the regenerative mechanisms occurring in the tissue and stimulates humoral and immune activity in the whole organism [6, 11].

It enhances hormonal and enzymatic reactions. The MF also acts on bone and connective tissue. Electric currents induced in tissues may affect the piezoelectric properties of materials, causing mechanical deformation, which stimulates the formation of callus in the case of obstruction in bone healing [10].

The application of MF for therapeutic purposes is based on studies which confirmed the anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, vasodilatory and angiogenic action [6, 13]. Magnetotherapy also has an analgesic effect, affects muscle tension, and stimulates the regeneration of tissues [10, 14-16]. It has a calming effect, affects well-being and has preferable influences on the human psyche [9, 17].”

Here is one key qoute (of many) from the second linked document:

Got that? Maybe not, but if you don’t, No big deal –

I have to usually avoid posting quotes like that because they go right over many readers heads. But what this means, when you combine the first and second linked reports is that magnetic fields force ALL cells, including cancer cells, to initiate “apoptosis processes” that are completely lethal to cancer, while they locally boost the immune system. The cancer will either die or be weakened while the surrounding cells are energized by the same process that kills cancer, and the immune system is boosted. This has GOT TO kill cancer, there’s no way out of it.


It is far more complex than those two quotes, READ BOTH DOCUMENTS IN FULL. It is all there. This is definitely going to work.

To state it clearly enough for everyone, this report has to span at least 10 pages to put it all together for people who cannot see all the connections between those two PubMed posts, but I’ll make it easy for everyone to do this even if they do not understand:

1. Use ceramic magnets. This is because by the time neodymium magnets get a big enough physical cross section to penetrate into deep cancer tumors, they will be far too strong to deal with. For Claudia, last night when I drew the connection between those two pubmed posts, I ordered giant ones that were six inches long, 4 inches across and an inch thick. FACT: There is no such thing as a “deep penetrating magnet” that is less than 3 inches across and at least a half inch thick and I would not call even that size “minimum” for reaching cancer tumors. People who sell “deep penetrating magnets” that are small in physical size, even if they are neodymiums, are hoaxers. Physical dimensions are what make magnets reach out, not how strong the field is.

2. From the second report posted (the arthritis report) it is clear that the motion of materials within the cells themselves as the result of metabolic processes is enough to interact with the magnetic field and trigger the healing effects. For this type of therapy, it is probably not necessary to have the magnets interact with large veins and arteries.

3. The magnets have to be placed in proximity with the tumors, simply wearing one on your wrist will not work AT ALL to kill the tumors. However, placing magnets that are large enough to penetrate major ciculatory vessels may have a small effect on preventing cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

4. Time matters. You cannot accomplish the healing effects in a half hour therapy session. People with cancer need to go to bed with the magnets in place.

I have done a lot with magnets over the years, and have a few more observations –

If you cannot get one that has a huge surface area, you can stack smaller ones and that will help them penetrate. However, the bare minumum size to any magnet I have seen that can be stacked to cause it to project it’s field sufficiently is about 1.5 x .75 inches. In this case thickness does not matter, as long as you can get a stack that’s about six inches tall. It’s not as practical as simply having a giant cross section to begin with. If you go smaller than that, they will obviously still penetrate more than their size would suggest but it won’t be enough. Cross section is what really matters.

Placing magnets side by side nets you ZERO additional projection unless the poles match in direction and the magnets are touching, and that’s virtually impossible to accomplish. If you put them in a vice to prevent them from repelling each other and then epoxied them, that’s good enough but why do that when the real solution is to just start with a bigger magnet?

This size magnet is probably sufficient, but the ones I got Claudia are twice as big. It is easy to see why they should not be neodymium. I do not recommend giant ring magnets even though they are easier to get because in my experience they don’t project their fields as well.

Anyway, that ought to be enough to get people started. This post will be updated.

UPDATE: People are already posting this, and are stating “It has zero side effects” FACT: If you do this successfully against a major cancer case, the recipient is going to get very sick and all their hair will fall out. That’s universal when you successfully kill a lot of cancer. Hair falling out is not a side effect, it is a result, but that result will be seen as a side effect.

When cancer dies it releases poisons into the blood stream and THAT is what causes hair to fall out. Claudia had about 70 percent of her hair fall out when the cesium chloride did it’s work, but it fell out uniformly and she had really thick hair so it did not get ugly, it just got really thin.

She was worried though, because if that continued any longer than it did she would have needed a wig. Magnetic therapy that successfully kills cancer will do the same thing, and loss of hair is something that should be considered an indicator of success.

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