January 24, 2022
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Make Sure This Is Posted on All Groups Who Are Resisting the No Jab No Job Crime – Doc. Link Is Here

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Make sure this is posted on all groups who are resisting the no jab no job crime – the link to the document is here – to defend our right to life – this medical experiment is a crime! https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/work-place-vaccine-director-black-mail-letter/ https://t.me/marksteele5g/4792 Covid Vaccine Scientific Proof Lethal https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/covid-vaccine-scientific-proof-lethal/ Source: […]

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Democrats Vote for Imprisoning Unvaccinated and Taking Their Children

The Police State has taken yet another turn towards complete medical tyranny. In a recent bill, Democrats are voting to imprison those who refuse to be vaccinated.  This is an unprecedented move that will change the very face of our country. Share this widely, this […]

COVID Hoax Deep State Health News NWO Politics Psychological Warfare World Politics
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Dark Winter: Proof 5G Will Soon Cause Mass Genocide as a “Smallpox Outbreak” When It Is Fully Operational!

5G is still only at low band frequencies. When they get to mid and high band frequencies, it’s going to kill millions. All the important information on 5G and how it relates to what’s coming next on the world stage script. The Great Reset is […]

Deep State Health News NWO
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A Dire Warning for the Vaccinated

Just because you are double vaccinated does not mean you will be considered eligible to dine in restaurants or go to sporting events in the future. Do you really want to be a pharma customer for life? How many boosters will it take before you […]

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The Real Anthony Fauci – Catherine Austin Fitts Talks With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Here’s an informative interview conducted by Catherine Austin Fitts, as she and Robert Kennedy Jr. expose the truth Anthony Fauci.  Transcript: 0:00:00.0 Catherine Austin Fitts: Ladies and gentleman, it’s my pleasure to welcome to The COVID-19 Symposium for the Doctors For COVID Ethics, a man who […]

COVID Hoax Health News Psychological Warfare
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Dr. Carrie Madej: Shocking Warning About Monoclonal Antibodies (Must See Video)

In this riveting interview, Dr. Carrie Madej exposes the shocking truth about Monoclonal Antibodies. If you plan on taking the covid vaccine you should watch this, she goes into detail about who is making them how they are made, what is in it, how it can permanently […]

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Biden’s DOJ Ready to Stage False Flag, Labels US Citizens Terrorists

The Associated Press reports: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism, the department’s top national security official told lawmakers.  Watch report below for more details..  Get prepared for flu season and cut out Big pHarma with these amazing supplements! […]

Deep State NWO Politics
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Hunter Biden Crime Family Exposed With Ukraine & Kazakstan Arrests of Deep State Scum

The Biden family is becoming more and more notorious for their illicit crimes around the world and their dirty business dealings.  Jordan gives an excellent analysis of this and much more!  Traitors should never be allowed to become president. Right, CIA, FBI, justice department, military, […]

Deep State NWO Politics Psychological Warfare World Politics
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Dr. David Martin: These Traitors Are Breaking Our Laws en Mass, Experts Weigh In: How Can We Stop These Tyrants?

Despite massive censorship across all media platforms, consensus has formed among top legal and medical experts, there appears to be a massive covert effort to reduce the world population in a Massively Genocidal act. How to stop these lunatics who have been consigned by The […]

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Mel K & Legal Warrior Tom Renz Disclose Major Updates: Weaponized DOJ, Lawfare & Civil Disobedience

Mel K welcomes back Hero Attorney Tom Renz for an update on his multiple lawsuits against Mandates, Big Pharma, and the corrupt Medical Industrial Complex. Tom is on the front line fighting for We The People against lies, tyranny and massive crimes against humanity. Truth […]

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