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In this shocking video,Mike interviews Meghan Walsh, daughter of John Walsh and sister of Adam Walsh and she exposes the terrifying truth about the demonic child traffickers and the whose who that were involved.

This is one of those interviews you must see to understand how these sickos work.

She also gives an inside view of who her parents really were and what went on behind closed doors.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jaco: Meghan Walsh-Daughter of John Walsh, Exposes Demonic Child Trafficking and Those Involved

  1. Ive always had strange vibes about John Walsh. I was in my 20s when Adam Walsh was taken, I never heard about child abductions before that. I had a 2 yr old son then and it hit me real hard what would I do if that happened to him. It literally terrified me into reality and critical thinking. I never watched tv after that. TV was all lies, it hit me like a sledge hammer in my stomach and i instantly spotted the lies. Its quite shocking to your mental processing that I was numb for weeks, I couldnt function with daily tasks I was like a zombie. My husband wouldnt believe any thing outside the lies and narrative. Convinced I had lost my mind it divided us and alot of tension. He always drank but he turned alcoholic and abusive then addicted to crack cocaine. I took my sons and left. For me to find truth from videos of truthers and their guests I need to understand their story from step by step facts, start to finish. Can I research and follow the facts names , dates, times, places, groups, agencys, is there enough, in the steps to follow that result in evidence to believe what is being said. Or is it just a lot of start and stop, all over the place? Meghan Walsh I believe is very truthful and informative but just too all over the place to actually understand her story. I find when those who have been a victim of the Cabal Realm they tend to be so emotionally impacted they want to release so much of their experience they will ramble making it difficult to even understand her story. She found platforms where the hosts are aware of names, groups, events and their involvement with the Cabal Realm that the interview becomes a 2 person conversation only they know the connections and the viewers are just confused.

    1. Yes, John Walsh did have an odd vibe about him.. I agree Meghan is totally believable and that’s why I wanted to share her story..I’m glad you were strong enough to take your children and leave.. The truth doesn’t change just because we don’t like it..

  2. I was doing genealogy on newsgroups before the www. A missing person request for a mom who’s husband had fled with the kids. She was answered by someone who needed the conversation to go private who worked for the govt and told her her children were out of the country. Later something like that happened to a cousin.

    Missing Children is headed by Patti Wetterling. Her Jacob was abducted for ritual sacrifice at a campus in MN by Jerry his Dad or adopted Dad. Tim Holley got the evidence that has been floating around for decades and no one would take it. Finally they found a pasty to confess and by using animal bones they closed the case. Jodi Huisentruit a MN gal Iowa news anchor was on the trail of this and other disappearances when she was taken and never heard of. They say that Pope and Angela Merkel sacrificed their baby years ago for power fame and money. They will go after your children unless you have a bodyguard. You are in my prayers.

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