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The final pawns are on the chess board and the victor will determine what our world will become. In this startling video, Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest news regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict and the push for a new world order and economic reset.

People taking sides are so incredibly fooled. Russia has been calling for a new world order for years hand in hand with China as a coalition. China and Russia were both propped up by the US and Israel.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has said that Russia is trying to create a new world order different from their own new world order. Well that’s the point. It’s a scripted power shift meant to bring us closer to economic reset and a change of the guard for the technocratic world order. This was pre-planned years ago and we did whatever we could to warn everyone of it.

Unfortunately, we still see people shouting out their blind praise for Ukraine or Russia.

From what we are seeing, there is a massive false flag operation happening in Ukraine and biolabs are being targeted. Ukrainian military also appears to be attacking Ukrainians and blaming Russia. All the while, Russia itself is also no doubt bombing Ukraine.

There is no good way to assess everything that is happening in Ukraine without being there which is why we hope to travel there shortly. But with that said, we know the end goal is more power for one government or another. Or all governments for that matter.

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