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The elites know we are catching on to their latest attack against humanity. They are panicking – hence the extreme measures to force the jab on everyone. They are running out of time to get everyone vaccinated before everyone knows the vaccine is a depopulation death shot and refuse to have it.

If they don’t achieve the level of vaccinations, then they will know there will be enough people left to go after them and hang them for mass murder and crimes against humanity.

It is believe that a great portion of “vaccinated” people received placebos, especially those who they knew they will need in the future to persecute the “unvaccinated”. because otherwise they would have no force. They don’t want to risk losing all of the power, just because they gave the deathly dose to everyone right in the beginning.

They can do that after they implement the vaccine passport. and got rid of the “antivaxxers”.

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