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In this new Stew Peters Show, Ally Carter says that her biological mother routinely slept with authority figures, and soon initiated her own children. At 13 she was being trafficked to Local police chiefs, Hollywood power players, celebrities like John Travolta, Beyoncé, and politicians like Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She stepped forward before the election but was ignored. In this interview with Stew, she tells the whole satanic story.

Why are people who got the vaccine complaining about disruptions and resumptions of periods and problems with fertility?

Former Republican congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to discuss this and more medical madness which have come from the mandates and mass vaxxing.

In today’s ASK DR. JANE segment, Dr. Jane Ruby she addresses the prospect of medical tyranny leading to new medical facilities, staffed by the good doctors and nurses who refused to administer or take the clot shot.

Has the government finally been caught in their lie about Pfizer’s bait and switch with BioNTech and the supposedly only renamed FDA-approved version Comirnaty? Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall shares a bombshell from a court case in Florida and leaked pictures from soldiers which proves they know it’s a fraud and are pushing it on our troops and kids anyway.

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