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In his latest video, Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of the Irish government suing Van Morrison for speaking out against lockdowns and rejecting the group think that so many have succumb to.

The notion of being sued by the government for opposing government mandates seems crazy, but it’s only the beginning of what is clearly a massive campaign so silence all dissent.

Recently, the British government had proposed a 2 year prison sentence for those who post so-called “anti-vaccine” information online. 

This means that people questioning the jab and putting out REAL, FACTUAL information that may convince people not to inject themselves with poison could potentially face several years in prison. The precedent that this all sets is astronomical and incredibly dangerous.

We are witnessing a level of censorship across the board that is atrocious and clearly leading into the social credit system.

We’ve witnessed many similar stories in places like Australia, Germany, Canada and elsewhere.

What’s next?

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