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Currently, Dr. David Martin is leading the charge against the tyranny we have been experiencing. He has had 20/20 vision so far in what’s been taking place.

Dr. Martin exposes so much more new information and who’s behind all of this. 

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2 thoughts on “Must Watch David Martin: This Man Is a Genius

  1. I have heard much of this from Dr. Martin before but I was thrilled to hear it again. What I love about this interview is how Dr. Martin explains the causality of the events which have created the covid scam. My sincere appreciation for Nicole Morgan having published this interview an Dr. Martin for having the courage, compassion and dedication to give the rest of us a fighting chance. I also want to thank Dr. Martin for being a wonderful example for us all as well.

  2. Patriots For Truth
    Voices of the American Intelligence Media

    Biden Judicial nominee Leonard P. Stark’s Hazeltine Patent Pool British Crown Monopoly Scandal
    Read the 23-page letter sent to Senator Chuck Grassley from C.E. O. Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies, Inc. Please share with your downline and Senators.


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