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In this latest Stew Peters Show, Stew discusses the case of the poor unfortunate soul that represents the way our leaders have misled and lied to us, it’s 13-year-old Maddie De Garay.

Her mother Stephanie was a Biden voter and a complete believer in this vaccine, so much so that she volunteered her daughter for a Pfizer vaccine trial.

Now she’s suffering from an erratic pulse, muscle spasms, headaches, has lost the ability to walk or even cough properly, is confined to a wheelchair and has to use a feeding tube. Her mother joins Stew to discuss this medical injustice.

Karen Kingston is a former pharmaceutical employee and whistleblower, and in this interview with the Stew Peters Show, she explains how the FDA has stepped in to purge the official vaccine data of any patients experiencing adverse reactions. She has the documents!

Was the California’s Governor hiding because he develop Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) after getting injected with the Moderna booster shot?

Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall looks into these rumors and the mystery of his disappearance.

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