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There is a horrifying phenomenon taking place that many are completely unaware of.. We are all fed-up with the biological, cybertorture utilizing direct energy weapons run with super computer (they call us labrat cattle, test subjects) conducting horrendous electromagnetic microwave frequencies with our DNA, stored in the computers, to conduct cybernetic warfare, an on-going global depopulation torturing with satellites (Starlink/Elon Musk and Bezo of Amazon who stores our DNA), self included destroying our lives.

Many of us have been targeted by the NIH and the CIA NSA and DARPA, and many more are now dying and becoming extremely injured for life. Its time to end the corruption and bring justice to the forefront.

Whistleblower Security Industry Specialist Tells All: Bryan Kofron #2

Consider donating to the cause of exposing the most corrupt, depopulation new world order agenda taking place all over American, and abroad, against innocent civilians known as targeted individuals. The NSA works with DARPA. They literally walk the victim into the hands of the corrupt CIA security surveillance teams run by super computers — highly advanced weaponized technologies that are slaughtering, slow-killing, destroying our lives. We need your help exposing this to those you know offline.

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